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New Rules for all WPS Sporting Events

Posted Date: 09/26/2023

New Rules for all WPS Sporting Events

Rules for Sporting Events

No Knives

No Guns

No Weapons of Any Kind

Metal Detectors Will Be Used on All Spectators

Clear Bags Only Including Diaper Bags or Wallets

Clear Bags are Subject to Search

Large Chairs Will Be Searched

Blankets Have to Be Opened and Shaken

All Walkers Must Enter at the Main Gate

Handicap Cars Can Only Have the Driver and the Handicap Person(s) Inside All other Occupants Must Get Out and Walk Through the Gate

People in Cars Marked with Handicap Stickers Cannot remove anything From Car EXCEPT for Chairs

Children Must be Accompanied by an Adult and Must Stay Seated with Adult During Game and at Concession Stand

No Playing or Horseplaying Will Be Allowed

No Toys Including Balls Can Be Brought Inside the Athletic Facility

Wewoka Fans Will Stay on Wewoka’s Side Opposing Fans Will Stay on Their Designated Side

No Reentry No Exceptions