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Wewoka Teachers Receive DonorsChoose Grant for Classroom Supplies

Posted Date: 12/01/2022

Wewoka Teachers Receive DonorsChoose Grant for Classroom Supplies

Congratulations to over 30 Wewoka teachers that won Donors Choose grants from the OSDE!   We will be posting the pictures of materials with an explanation of how the teacher is planning on using the materials to improve student instruction, behaviors, mental health, or skills.  We are proud of how our teachers worked to get extra supplies for our students! Please see below for each teacher’s project: 


There are positive connections between art and mental health. Just like teachers and parents, students get stressed out too. I would like to provide an outlet for my students to release emotions, feelings, and stress with Art. Artistic activities such as drawing, painting, and sculpture are proven to lower stress levels and promote mental calmness. With the help from awesome donors to my project I can supply my 5th graders with Art materials. These Art projects will help promote mental well-being in my students. My students deserve a chance to express their unique individuality with art in the classroom.

Amanda Johnson

5th Grade


The MetaQuest 2 will allow students to enter a virtual environment that helps them learn how to self-regulate. The students in the middle school will be able to go to the counselors office and use the MetaQuest to meditate. 

Ashley Azlin

Middle School Counselor

Mrs. Casey’s first shipment from Donors Choose! Her class got some fabulous books, including biographies, kids will do reports on. She also got a magnetic wheel to make learning fun! Her class was blessed with supplies, which they never have enough of or run out of. Mrs. Casey and her class say, “Thank you so much Donors Choose, for your generosity!”



Mrs. Casey

Third Grade

Wewoka Public School’s Director of Bands, Mrs Jessica Burgess, applied for a grant to get instruments to help build our music program through the Donors Choose Grant. Wewoka Elementary Band received new percussion equipment for learning rhythm and promoting creativity through this grant!

Mrs. Burgess

Director of Bands


Mrs. Austin received a Donors Choose grant, “Color Speaks Louder Than Words!” Students are enjoying working with colors and patterns!

Mrs. Austin 

Elementary Art




Mrs. Bahena’s 4th grade enjoying all of the awesome headphones and computer mice we got from Donors Choose!



Failing to plan is planning to fail, so I decided to plan for my student’s success! I want all of my students to have the tools they will need for success, and I believe that starts with basic school supplies! I also threw in a few math games, because they are so competitive and love learning math from games and activities!

Mrs. Gray

High School Math


Mr. Shockley received classroom sets of over-the-ear headphones and calculators. With these items he hopes  students will be able to have an easier time completing their  courses.  Also, the calculators should give them one less reason to need their phone in the room.