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Healthy Schools of Oklahoma


.Healthy Schools of Oklahoma

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Wewoka Elementary have recieved a grant as part if the healthy schools of Oklahoma. The things provided by the grant/program are listed below: 




Year 1 – Five schools will be admitted to the HSOK program.  Grant amount - $750.  These schools will implement two focus areas: Physical Activity and Nutrition.  Schools will receive:

  • fitness testing equipment, 

  • SPARK curriculum, etc. 

Year 2 – Grant amount - $600.  Two more focus area will be added:  Injury Prevention and Tobacco Use Prevention.  Schools will receive:

  • Injury Prevention and Tobacco prevention materials

In addition, each school will receive:

  • Equipment to supplement Physical Activity,

  • Fat and sugar lipos and food models to supplement the Nutrition focus area.    


Year 3 – Grant amount - $450.  One focus area will be added:  Oral Health.  Schools will receive:

  • Adopt-A-Dentist and dental health materials.  

  • Adopt-A-Doc will also be added in this year.  

Additional materials will include:  

  • Portion control kits and posters for Nutrition, 

  • Injury prevention materials, 

  • Mr. Gross Mouth for Tobacco Use Prevention and Oral Health, and 

  • Large Cigarette for Tobacco Use Prevention.  


Years 4-8 – Certified Schools - Grant amount – up to $400.  (The grant award will be based on specific needs and carry over amounts.) Certified Schools only will be eligible for HSOK sponsored programs including:

  • Tower Garden,

  • Wee Wahoo, 

  • Wacky Water Wahoo, 

  • Painted Playscapes,

  • Action Based Learning,

  • SPARK, etc.  


Year 9 – Alumni Schools  - Grant amount – up to $400.  Alumni Schools will: 

  • Maintain a coordinator;

  • Be eligible for all the HSOK sponsored programs listed above;

  • Receive all emails, notices of trainings, etc.;

  • Receive resources such as Adopt-A-Doc and Adopt-A-Dentist;