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Sorghum Festival Art and Photography Show

Posted Date: 12/14/2021

Sorghum Festival Art and Photography Show

The 46 th Annual Wewoka Sorghum Festival included a Fall Art and Photography Show that was held in the Deibler Building on Wewoka Avenue. Students, Amateur and Professional artists submit artwork in the Drawing/Painting categories. There were several students from Wewoka High School who submitted artwork into this year’s compeon.

Below is a list of students who submit artworks for judging:

● Triston Thompson, graphite drawing, Asphodel

● Triston Thompson, graphite and pen drawing, Which Way

● Triston Thompson, colored pencil, Distorted ● Tyra Johnson, graphite drawing, Boot Slllife

● Dakayiah Beavers, graphite drawing, Butterfly

● Alicia DelGadillo, graphite and cut paper, Flower

● Alicia DelGadillo, graphite and cut paper, Owl

● Brooklyn Hail, charcoal drawing, Images of Our Past

● Cyann Pigeon, graphite drawing, Dragon

● Tamia Primeaux, graphite drawing, Spider

● Marissa Massey, graphite drawing, Slllife with Value Chart

● Desny Gordon, graphite drawing, Baby Yoda

The students submitted numerous examples of drawings that were skillfully crafted. Triston Thompson won third place in the Student High School division with the drawing, Asphodel. This drawing portrays a human skull with mushrooms growing out of the top surrounded by the asphodel floral imagery on the le- and right-hand sides. The skull is nestled in a bed of dirt or sand with butterflies landing on the top as worms wiggle out of the eye sockets. Triston has an extensive body of work that is both imaginary and natural in rendering. The arst has precise shading skills and uses a wide range of tones from light, mid, and dark tones that helps the forms look three-dimensional on a flat two-dimensional sheet of paper. Angela Church is the art teacher in the high school, and she has been teaching her students how to go beyond merely looking at objects, but “seeing” them as well, paying aenon to close details that are influenced by directional lighting. “My 9 th through 12 th grade students are showing great promise and are improving their drawing skills daily in class with the different projects we have been working on.” Students are learning the elements of design and are currently studying color. Ms. Church is hoping that students will be encouraged to enter as many art exhibitions as possible throughout the coming months.