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Wewoka Public School wins classroom grants!

Posted Date: 02/28/2022

Wewoka Public School wins classroom grants!

The following teachers have been awarded a grant of up to $1000 for items to use in their classroom from the State Department of Education. The items were selected by each teacher to best meet the needs of their students.The teachers created a project with DonorsChoose and the listed teachers have been awarded.  Please help us in congratulating everyone on their hard work!




Ms. K. Edwards: Reading Intervention Library

This grant will encourage a love of reading in my classroom. The students will have many books to choose from on many different levels about many different topics. It will also come with a storage unit to store the books in and to help keep the books organized.


Mrs. Presley & Mrs. O’Dor: Sensory Materials for Our Elementary Students

This grant was written to serve primarily elementary students with autism. Sensory materials such as sensory balls, sand and tactile items will be used to help students by developing gross motor skills, enhance coordination, promote social interactions, as well as improve student focus and relaxation.


Mrs. Austin: Art Expressions

This project is about adding a three-sided art easel and fine-motor manipulatives to help our students have time to release and repair stress from COVID.


 Mr. Morgan: Book It in the Classroom

This grant is about providing my classroom with a full access library in which the students can explore multiple genres of literature while also building upon their fluency and accuracy. This grant will provide our classroom with a positive environment driven towards literacy. 


Mrs. Bonnell: Kids, They want to have fun…outside!

This project will assist in building gross motor development. Items include tricycles and wagons the students can use while outside. This project will help improve coordination as well as provide fun ways to exercise. 


Mrs. Strickland: Flexible Seating in the Classroom

This grant will help to improve students’ learning by giving students more control over their own learning environment. Items include wobble stools, standing tables, ball chairs, and bean bag chairs. These items will support my students' mental health and comfort. The flexible seating will also allow for more collaboration. 


Ms. Brazell: Working Together

This project encourages students to work together while social distancing due to COVID. Items include flexible seating, microscopes, and STEM centers. 


Ms. Foster: Fine Motor and Sensational Sensory Fun

Items that were funded include a sensory table and things to help children to learn through play and increase literacy skills. Items also include objects to aid in calming students’ anxiety and stress as well as building fine motor skills.

Mrs. McCoy: Wow! Learning can be fun

This grant is for learning games in the classroom. I wanted students to have hands-on learning experiences. While playing the games, students will learn while having fun. 


Mrs. Azlin: Reading Today, Leaders Tomorrow!

This grant is for a classroom library. There are lower level and upper level books included. I also will be receiving a cart, so it will be easy to move around if needed. 


Coach Bruner: Lifetime of Balance and Control

It’s about me wanting to provide the students another way I can instruct , maintain, and improve balance and body control. I just wanted to get some gymnastics mats, balance beams, and stepping stones for the students, so I can introduce a different type of physical education learning unit to the students. 


Mrs. Roberts: Future Math and English Entrepreneurs!

The grant I received was for hand-on math manipulatives, sentence correcting journals, and extra practice math and ELA review cards. Having hards-on materials during math will make it much easier for the class to understand the concepts. The journals will help my students become better readers, writers, and speakers. 


Mrs. Mosley: Creating Unique Projects

With the various items we will receive, my students will be able to create projects that develop learning skills in problem solving. They will help enrich the students’ vocabulary and promote higher order thinking. 


Ms. Jones: Whimsical Classroom Library 

The grant awarded to me will go towards a classroom that represents the unique aspects of all the children in my classroom. COVID-19 has allotted my students a lot of free time, in which they love to read. Having books that peak their interest and represent them will foster a deeper love of reading. 


Mrs. Bevelhymer: Wewoka Tigers Tell the News on WTTV

I plan to lead a broadcasting club, Wewoka Tigers TV (WTTV). Students will create a Tiger weekly news broadcast. I believe this will build confidence, inspire creativity, and engage students with many talents, from scripting to operating equipment to reporting. 


Mrs. Timperley: Sense and Play for Pre-K!

Mrs. Timperley and Ms. Edwards’ class received a grant to purchase toys and items to make a “calm down” corner. These items will aid in creating an environment where learning and peer engagement can take place. 


Mrs. Casey: Growing Our Vocabulary

I received this grant to purchase dictionaries and thesauruses for every student. These tools will provide writing assistance for writers of all levels of experience and ability. They will help us do our best writing. 



Ms. Baker: A Mirror and a Window

Requested books to diversify her classroom library to give students a literature that better represents them. Additionally she asked for art supplies for self portrait projects. The goal is to help students achieve literacy through additional reading


Mrs. Orso: Classroom Supplies

Requested graph paper, gridded paper, and lined paper to provide more hands on math instruction. Additional requested pencils, colored pencils, and crayons to engage students in active learning activities. 




Mrs. Johnson: Innovative Cooking

Using a dehydrator and air fryer to show students how to cook so they can save money and not eat out so much. 


M(r)s. Knox: The Wacom is the Way yo go for Digital Learning

This grant will help me give my students the Wacom to take notes in their math class. Wacom will ensure they understand the art of taking notes and drawing their ideas is fundamental to their academic success.